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IAD Seminar Series


Issues in African Development Special Topic Seminar Series (CRP 4770/6770) - Fall 2020 Theme: Environment, Sustainability and Health Challenges in Africa: Managing Human-Nature Interactions.  Issues in African Development Seminar Series examines critical concerns in contemporary Africa using a different theme each semester. The seminars provide a forum for participants to explore alternative perspectives and exchange ideas. They are also a focal activity for students and faculty interested in African development. In addition, prepares students for higher level courses on African economic, social and political development. The presentations are designed for students who are interested in development, Africa’s place in global studies, want to know about the peoples, cultures and societies that call Africa home, and explore development theories and alternate viewpoints on development.


1             Africa’s Industrialization Prospects: Structural Transformation, Covid-19 Impact and the                   Debate on SustainabilityCarlos Lopes, The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance,                   University of Cape Town



15           African Cultural Heritage: Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Strategies of

Managing Diseases during Pandemics

Ladislaus Semali, Professor Emeritus of Comparative and International Education,

Penn State University



22          Industrialization as a Model of Development Revisited

Jean Kachiga, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, SUNY Brockport



29          Tracking Sources of Neurotoxic Mercury Contaminating Tropical African Fisheries

Ryan Lepak, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Aquatic Sciences Center,

University of Wisconsin-Madison



05          Agricultural intensification as a pathway to sustainability:

The role of improved seed and fertilizers in transforming

smallholder agriculture in Africa

Edward Mabaya, Senior Research Associate, Department of Global Development

CALS, Cornell University



12           Utilizing the One Health concept to combat the effects of changing agricultural and

environmental systems.

Jarra Jagne, Senior Associate, Dept. of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences,

Cornell University



19          The Local Politics of Land Titling: Evidence from Senegal, Zambia, and Malawi

Lauren Honig, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Boston College




03           Treating Clinical Patients with COVID in Niger

Dr. Eric Adehossi , Université Abdou Moumouni de Niamey, Niger


10           The Impact of Structural Adjustment on Social Services in Africa Vulnerability Issues

Korka Sall, Research Associate, Five College Women’s Studies Research Center,

Mount Holyoke College



17           Students’ Presentations


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