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IAD Special Topic Seminar

Seminar Students Spring 2022

Economic Growth, Inclusive Development and Sustainability in Africa

The Issues in African Development Seminar Series examines critical concerns in contemporary Africa using a different theme each semester. The seminars provide a forum for participants to explore alternative perspectives and exchange ideas. They are also a focal activity for students and faculty interested in African development. In addition, this seminar series prepares students for higher level courses on African economic, social, and political development. The presentations are designed for students who are interested in development as well as Africa’s place in global studies, want to know about the peoples, cultures, and societies that call Africa home, and wish to explore development theories and alternate viewpoints on development practice.

Course information: CRP 4770  (3061)  Regular Academic Session. Combined with: CRP 6770DSOC 4770DSOC 6770. 2 credits S/U.  Thursdays from 2:40pm – 4:35pm. Instructor: Assie-Lumumba, N'Dri. Instruction Mode: In Person 

Spring 2022 Schedule 

January 27
Growth, Inclusive Development and Sustainability in Africa: General Introduction
N’Dri Assie-Lumumba, Professor, Africana Studies, and Director, Institute for African Development

February 3
Urban Land Management 
Ryan Thomas, Visiting Lecturer, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

February 10
Toward the Networked City? Translating Models and Ideals in Water and Sanitation of Dar es Salaam
Sophie Schramm, Faculty of Spatial Planning, International Planning Studies, Technische Universität Dortmund

February 17
The Pan-African Payment System: The (F)laws in Buying Goods in the New African Free Trade Area
Dunia Zongwe, Associate Law Professor, Alliance University, India

March 3
Benefits and Challenges of African Diaspora-Homeland Academic Collaborations
Diana Famakinwa, Assistant Director, African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin–Madison

March 10
Inclusive Development in East African Cities?: The Challenge of Generative Urbanization
James Murphy, Professor, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University

March 17
Effects of Conflict on Agriculture 
Justin George Kappiaruparampil, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, Michigan State University

March 24
Knowledge and Social Emancipation
Jean Bernard Ouedraogo, Founding President, Popular University, Burkina Faso

March 31
Climate Change and Africa
Zainab Usman, Senior Fellow and Director, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

April 21
Emergence of Black Entrepreneurs in Eastern Africa 
Chambi Chachage, Assistant Professor, African Studies, Carleton University

April 28
Diaspora, Digital Media and Democracy 
Victoria Bernal, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of California, Irvine 

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