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IAD Special Topic Seminar


The Science/Policy Interface in Africa        CRP 4770/6770                  GDEV 4770/6770

Africa’s current development agenda calls for rapid transformation. National and international compacts across the continent call for a pursuit of ambitious goals on multiple fronts, with the broad aim to improve human wellbeing and societal resilience while leaving no one behind and preserving the natural environment. This transformation agenda puts a premium on efficiency. Countries must accelerate progress across all sectors by building on synergies and avoiding potential tradeoffs. Such efficiencies clearly require a strong interface between science and policy.

In this seminar, we will explore promising avenues to improve the science policy interface in Africa. The seminar will cover multiple themes under this broad umbrella, including (a) reviews of productive modes of interfacing science and policy, (b) detailed explorations of the policy-making process in the region, including current obstacles to building strong S/P interfaces, (c) efforts to train the region’s scientists in policy communication, (d) the role of mass media, new media and civil society in the process, (e) the role of national and regional think-tanks, (f) advocacy efforts directed at policy-makers to promote an evidence-based culture.

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  • Seminar