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IAD Special Topic Seminar Series, fall 2023

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Envisioning Land, Agriculture, and Food Futures in Africa

CRP 4770/6770  GDEV 4770/6770  Wednesdays, 2:30-4:25pm  2 credits    Sat/Unsat
G-08 Uris Hall   August 21 - Dec. 4           Instr: Rachel Bezner Kerr

The seminar series for fall 2023 explores the future of African land, agriculture and food, digging into the contestations, conflicting and converging visions from a wide range of perspectives. How might land be used, valued and lived in, across cities, rural communities, forests, deserts and grasslands on the continent in the future? Who is proposing different visions of land futures in Africa, what are the histories, politics, socio-cultural, environmental and economic implications of these potential visions? In one of the regions with the most youthful populations, how are young people considering possible futures? What are ways that land, agriculture and food systems could be resilient, healthy, ecological, thriving and just? Can there be a decolonial agriculture and food future in Africa that celebrates Indigenous and local foodways?

Sept. 20 @2:30pm G-08 Uris Hall  Hospital Waste Management in the Context of Pandemics: case of Covid 19  Dr. Kouame Kouadio, Researcher, Head of Eco Epidemiology unit, Department of Environmental Health, Pasteur Institute (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire)  Register

Sept. 27 @2:30pm G-08 Uris Hall   Women's Land Rights and Rural Climate Adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa  Chris Huggins, Associate Professor,  University of Ottawa Register

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