Finkel, Madelon: 2012-2013 Small Grant


Madelon Finkel (Weill Cornell Medical College)

Project Title: 
Reducing Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes by Means of Low-Tech Solutions
Project Abstract: 
Preterm birth accounts for the single most important cause of maternal, perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality worldwide. Efficiently and economically identifying bacterial vaginosis (BV) in pregnant women as a modifiable risk factor for preterm birth would be a tremendous advance in reducing adverse pregnancy outcomes. This pilot study focuses on educating pregnant women about vaginal infections and assessing whether an easy to administer, low-tech, sensitive and specific test would reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. Building on the strong partnership between Weill Cornell Medical College and San Marcos Medical School in Lima Peru, a two-year randomized trial of pregnant women in their second trimester is proposed at two of the teaching hospitals of San Marcos Medical College.