Debate: "Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Climate Change?"

In the 2016 Lund Critical Debate, renewable energy advocate Daniel Kammen from UC Berkley will debate Lauri Muranen of the World Energy Council, Finland.

Cornell in Turin cited for study of model community center

Students and faculty in the Cornell in Turin program were recognized for their work in Turin’s San Salvario neighborhood as part of their research into migration and immigrant services in Italy.

Alan S. Blinder Named 2016 Bartels World Affairs Fellow

The Henry E. and Nancy Horton Bartels World Affairs Fellowship was established in 1984 to bring prominent international leaders to Cornell. Economist Alan S. Blinder of Princeton University gave the 2016 Bartels Lecture on April 19, 2016.

Adam Posen to discuss the independence of central banks

On April 18, Adam Posen, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, will deliver a lecture titled, “Central Bank Independence after the Inflation is Gone”. The lecture is a part of the Einaudi Center’s Foreign Policy Distinguished Speaker Series.