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CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Cornell Law School - Visiting Scholars Program

Saturday, February 1, 2020 - 17:00
Social Sciences


In general, Cornell Law School does not accept visiting scholars unless the applicant is the nominee under an exchange agreement with a partner school, or a Cornell Law School faculty member has invited them and has confirmed that he or she wishes to collaborate with them. The Law School ordinarily does not have funds to support travel to and from Ithaca, or to support living expenses while scholars are in residence. Every accepted scholar must have sufficient financial support for the visit and must certify this as a part of the application for a U.S. visa. Every effort will be made to provide scholars with either shared office space, or if that is not available, a dedicated carrel in the law school library. Scholars have full use of the law school library, as well as the electronic databases to which Cornell Law School subscribes. Scholars who wish to use the resources of Cornell University that are outside of the law school must inquire concerning the conditions of such use. Scholars may audit law school classes, with the approval of the professor.

Additional Deadline Information: September 1st for visits to begin the following January to July.