CORNELL UNIVERSITY: Institute for Social Sciences - Small Grants Program

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 00:00
Social Sciences

Funding priority is given to research by early-career social science faculty (i.e., assistant/associate professors), research projects by faculty teams that span social science disciplines or administrative units, and interdisciplinary projects led or co-led by social scientists. The goal is to fund research projects likely to result in external funding or lead to longer term research goals. For the fall 2016, we also are encouraging, for the first time, applications that fund research projects in computational social science, broadly conceived (e.g., big data, smart data, real-time data). We also are emphasizing research projects seeking to solve a critical 21st century problem, such as ending racism, crime and violence; improving social welfare; and protecting democratic institutions and the public interest, among other topics. As always, the emphasis is on cutting edge research–both quantitative and qualitative–where small amounts of funding could make a significant difference in leveraging other funding or in providing pilot data that illustrates the significance or shows the feasibility of the work. The ISS’ Small Grants program also accepts proposals for interdisciplinary conferences, but awards for conferences rarely exceed $5,000.

Deadline: There are two deadlines. February 5, 2019 and September 10, 2019.