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Cornell East Asia Series

The Cornell East Asia Series (CEAS) became an imprint of Cornell University Press in July 2019.

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Housed in the East Asia Program, CEAS is an internationally known, award-winning scholarly press. CEAS publishes on subjects relative to the cultures of East Asia, covering topics in history, culture and society, and translations of literary works. The series produces scholarly monographs, specialized textbooks, and well-integrated edited volumes on China, Japan, and Korea (North and South). We invite authors to submit scholarly monographs, translations of literature, and significant work of literary criticism, social analysis, specialized textbooks, well-integrated volumes of essays. CEAS actively seeks works on translations of modern Japanese poetry. CEAS brings quality scholarship and unique research by authors worldwide to an academic audience and general readers. 

Since its inception in 1973 as a venue for publishing papers in the East Asia Program, the Series has grown into its current status as a publisher with a reputation for quality and specialized academic titles. More than 200 volumes have been published to date, with hundreds of titles in print and dozens of titles available digitally for free through the Cornell University Library.


For all publication matters, please contact the managing editor at

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Machiko Ishikawa
How can the "voiceless" voice be represented? This primary question underpins Ishikawa’s analysis of selected work by Buraku writer, Nakagami Kenji (1946-1992). In spite of his Buraku background,…
Ihor Pidhainy, Roger Des Forges, and Grace S. Fong
The chapters in this ground-breaking volume examine the complex practices of biographical writing in Ming and Qing China. The authors draw on a rich variety of sources to answer some basic questions…
Christopher Rea
Hoaxes! Jokes! Farces and fun! China’s Chaplin introduces the imagination of Xu Zhuodai (1880–1958), a comic dynamo who made Shanghai laugh through the tumultuous decades of the pre-Mao era. Xu was a…
Amy McNair
Xuanhe Catalogue of Paintings is the first complete translation of the well-known document produced at the court of Emperor Huizong (r. 1100-1125). Dated to 1120, the Catalogue is divided into ten…
Takako Takahashi
Translator: Britten Dean The Wasteland explores the psychology of the modern Japanese woman and her urge to realize an inner self of latent sexuality, long suppressed in Japan’s male-dominated…
Lu Yan
Labor Activism and Colonial Governance in Hong Kong chronicles a long neglected yet formative social and political movement in Hong Kong between the 1930s and 1950s. Drawing upon a range of British…
Jooyeon Rhee
Jooyeon Rhee provides an innovative and compelling analysis of gendered representations of nation and modernity in early twentieth-century Korean novels. By investigating the transformation of the…
Jeff E. Long
A cultural history of writer and literary critic Hayashi Fusa's (1903–75) tenkō experience, Stories from the Samurai Fringe examines Hayashi's tenkō (ideological conversion) through a close reading…
Takako Lento
Editor and Translator: Takako Lento  Pioneers of Modern Japanese Poetry breaks new ground in the study and appreciation of modern Japanese poetry. It assembles the work of four major poets of the…
Editor: Michael J. Pettid A new collection of translations of Korean fiction from the colonial period of the early twentieth century. The contents will introduce readers to works written from a…
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Ordering CEAS Titles

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Authors, we invite you to submit scholarly monographs, translations of literature, and major work of literary criticism, social analysis, specialized textbooks, well-integrated volumes of essays. We actively seek works on translations of modern Japanese poetry. CEAS invites authors to submit works of the following categories on subjects relative to the cultures of East Asia:

  • Modern Japanese poetry
  • Scholarly monographs
  • Translations of literature
  • Studies and analysis of major works of social criticism
  • Specialized textbooks
  • Well-integrated volumes of essays
  • History
  • Geography
  • Anthropological studies

Visit Cornell Press for submission guidelines.

If after reviewing the work, we find that it is suitable for our series, the manuscript will be sent for peer review. Due to the volume of submissions received and the time necessary to search for a suitable reviewer, we ask for your patience with the review process.

We do not require authors to submit camera-ready copy (CRC) of their book. Authors who wish to submit CRC as a result of complex presentation of materials, fonts, or other issues, should contact CEAS before making a decision to submit CRC.

If submitting a work of translation or if you are using copyrighted material, please be prepared to show that permission has been obtained for use of materials. In the case of translation from a text, please obtain approval from the publisher who printed the original publication. Where permission fees are due, CEAS regrets that we are unable to compensate the author for any fees incurred.

Our mailbox can receive files up to 20 MB If your file exceeds this limit, please adjust or let us know by contacting

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Cornell East Asia Series.