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Professor Emeritus, Maternal and Child Nutrition

Jere Haas is interested in the functional consequences of iron deficiency on physical and cognitive performance, emphasis on the effects of moderate iron deficiency on various aspects of physical performance and behavior in children and young women and how measures of performance relate to everyd

Professor, Anthropology

John S. Henderson’s research interests center on early complex societies and how archaeology can explore the processes through which they develop. How do distinctions in status, wealth, and authority emerge within and between communities?

LACS Graduate Fellow ’21-‘22

Emily is a Ph.D. student in the Government Department. Her research focuses on social movements and gender, with a particular interest in framing and intergenerational activist cooperation in Argentina.

J. Preston Levis Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Teresa Jordan is interested in climate and hydrological history of the Atacama Desert of Chile, and on finding more environmentally benign ways to meet society's needs for energy using subsurface resources.

Professor, Natural Resource Policy and Management

Barbara Knuth is interested in the social science and policy dimensions of ecosystem-based management in Great Lakes and marine systems, risk communication and management associated with chemical contaminants in fish, and environmental stewardship related to fisheries resources.

Associate Professor, Applied Economics and Management

Steven Kyle is an associate professor in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management. He works in the areas of macroeconomic policy in the United States and in low-income countries.

Professor Emeritus and Graduate School Professor, Natural Resources

James P. Lassoie is interested in international conservation and sustainable development in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Canada, and the United States.

Senior Lecturer and Stephen H. Weiss Provost’s Teaching Fellow, Romance Studies

Cecelia Lawless teaches both language and literature/film courses as a senior lecturer. For several years, she was the faculty fellow for the Spanish Language House at Alice Cook.

Professor, Applied Economics and Management 

David Lee is interested in economic development, agriculture, and the environment, including food security, sustainable agriculture, technology adoption, environmental services, climate change, and agricultural and environmental policy.

Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences

Johannes Lehmann is interested in soil biogeochemistry, fertility management, organic matter, and carbon and nutrient cycling from wastes; Soil carbon sequestration and biochar systems; Sustainable agriculture in the tropics.