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With citizens, consumers, corporations, and governments increasingly dependent on digital networks, cybersecurity is a global challenge that touches us all.  

A joint project of Einaudi’s Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and faculty in Computing and Information Science, this interdisciplinary team has built a robust intellectual community at Cornell around international cyber-threats and cybersecurity. 

Citizens want privacy and freedom from surveillance. Law enforcement agencies want more powerful tools to detect and prosecute criminal activity. Corporations want to protect data and intellectual property. Governments want to safeguard critical infrastructure. Governments and non-state actors alike want to promote disinformation and shape political outcomes. 

The team strives to understand how these and other competing digital demands and threats shape our understanding of rights and risks, and alter conventional ideas about sovereignty and security.


New from the Team 


Rebecca Slayton (PACS) and Fred Schneider


Matthew Evangelista (PACS), James Grimmelmann, Peter Katzenstein (PACS), Sarah Kreps (PACS), Greg Morrisett, Helen Nissenbaum, Jens David Ohlin (PACS), Sidney Tarrow (IES), Jessica Chen Weiss (EAP), Xingzhong Yu (EAP)