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Ecological Learning Collaboratory

Food security and healing justice for communities are transnational issues that demand collective action. The Ecological Learning Collaboratory (ELC) is an experimental interdisciplinary collaboration among Cornell faculty and their partners in Tanzania, Malawi, and India. The collaboration draws on established relations between Cornell and organizations in South Asia and Africa that are actively addressing the health of their communities. 

ELC works to create ecological and just learning spaces that foster social innovation and equity around healthy food, medicines, and the right to place. It sponsors exchanges and provides new resources for group problem-solving, recognizing the local knowledge held by each partner.  

Woman working in a garden

Read about ELC’s inaugural meeting. 


Rachel Bezner Kerr, Neema Kudva (SAP), and Stacey Langwick


Tom Seeley, Kate Dickin, Alex Travis (IAD/SEAP), Karen Purcell, Ralph Christy (IAD), Nancy Chau, Emily Detrick, Jane Mt. Pleasant (LASP)

International Partners