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Featured Events: Inequalities

Global engagement and problem-solving are more important than ever, as people around the world face violence and economic instability and witness their unequal impacts on marginalized groups, including people of color and noncitizens.

The Einaudi Center's in-person and virtual events gather faculty experts, students, policymakers, and the local, national, and international community for conversations about world challenges and how we can work together to meet them. We invite you to join our upcoming events and watch related videos on Einaudi's Inequalities, Identities, and Justice YouTube playlist.

Protesters march with fists in the air

Spring 2023 Highlight

Don't miss this semester's global Blackness events, starting with a town hall to kick off February's observance of Black History Month. "We are hoping for a campuswide, honest, but ultimately useful conversation—a conversation that will bring changes,” says event organizer Mukoma Wa Ngugi.

World map that looks like it's splotchy and dripping

Town Hall: Black at Cornell

Black History Month is a time to assess, ask questions, and come together. This successful February 2 town hall and community event explored what Blackness here at Cornell means. Who defines it? What do Black people owe each other? And what should be done?

Watch and Listen to Past Events

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Highlights: The Protests and U.S. Democracy

World map that looks like it's splotchy and dripping

Class, Race, Global Series: Twenty Years of War (eCornell video)

Nanjala Nyabola

Race and Racism Across Borders, with Nanjala Nyabola (podcast)