About the center

A hub for global activity at Cornell

The Einaudi Center organizes, catalyzes, and supports interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach across campus. We promote intercultural and cross-national understanding, and we work to solve difficult economic, environmental, and political problems.

The center helps Cornell produce graduates and future leaders who live the adage that in this global environment, we human beings need to understand each other better. 

Through its research, teaching, publications, and support for faculty and students, the center and its programs enhance Cornell's worldwide reputation for excellence in area studies and expertise on global issues.


The center organizes, stimulates, and supports research, teaching, and outreach programs and activities in and about the world in order to enhance graduate and undergraduate education and contribute to our understanding of and influence on how the world works, and to prepare Cornellians to contribute more ably in the international sphere.


The center seeks to help bring about a truly international university at Cornell, in which international studies are completely integrated into the intellectual life of the university and all students and faculty benefit from active exposure to global affairs and an understanding of Cornell’s past and present global role.


The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies is committed to multidisciplinary and collaborative research, teaching, and outreach that conforms to the highest academic standards and promotes cross-cultural and cross-national understanding and tolerance.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase the global, cultural, and linguistic knowledge and competence of students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders at Cornell and beyond.
  2. Create collaborative networks and platforms for international studies that connect scholars from multiple disciplines and students at Cornell and beyond.
  3. Support collaborative work to generate new knowledge that addresses key economic, environmental, social, cultural, and political problems in the world.
  4. Advocate for the Einaudi Center vision and mission.
  5. Mobilize resources for international studies including those required to maintain Cornell’s internationally and nationally recognized strengths.