CHARLES STEWART MOTT FOUNDATION: Civil Society Grants (Europe and Russia)


This program area seeks to strengthen philanthropy and the nonprofit sector as vital vehicles for increasing civic engagement and improving communities and societies. Grantmaking is focused on two objectives, one related to active civic participation and the other to philanthropy development. The program is active in two subregions: Southeast Europe (SEE), which includes Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey; and the Western Former Soviet Union (WFSU), which includes Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. We also fund a limited number of select regional initiatives that advance our priority areas of interest, described below. Funding priorities for Active Civic Participation We seek to empower people and nonprofits to take collective action that promotes and defends democratic values. We are making grants: To intermediary organizations that build the capacity of nonprofits and independent civic leaders to promote community-level development, organize around key issues and strengthen participatory approaches to advocacy and rights protection. To networks and nonprofits that mobilize grassroots civic initiatives and individuals on key issues that relate to strengthening democratic values and practices. To networks and support organizations that promote the development of community schools in particular countries where the movement has taken root, including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and parts of the Western Balkans. Funding priorities for Philanthropy Development We seek to promote and develop a more robust culture of private giving for public good. We are making grants: To philanthropy support organizations, including donors forums, community foundations, networks and support organizations, research and advocacy organizations, and knowledge and capacity-building providers, to serve the diverse field of philanthropic institutions and initiatives. To key grantmaking foundations, including indigenous grantmakers and community foundations, to strengthen their organizational and programmatic development and to provide leadership in expanding the philanthropy field.