Barrett, Christopher : Seed Grant, 2013-2014


Christopher Barrett (Applied Economics and Management)

Applied Economics and Management
Project Title: 
Causal Effects of Natural Resource Degradation on Health and Livelihoods in Poor Communities in Indonesia
Project Abstract: 
This project will support initial research into estimating the causal effects of natural resource degradation on health and livelihoods in poor communities in Indonesia. The study will focus on two major natural resources – forests and marine ecosystems. This effort will be aimed at collecting new and improved satellite data to measure deforestation and marine degradation in the vicinity of every village in Indonesia from 2000-2012. These data will be combined with already available secondary data on socio-economic outcomes to robustly test for relationships between ecosystem health, human health and nutrition and economic outcomes. The preliminary results will be used to seek external research grants. A workshop on this topic will result in collaboration with other institutions on one or more working papers.