Jones-Correa, Michael : Small Grant, 2013-2014


Michael Jones-Correa (Department of Government)

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Government
Project Title: 
Conference Proposal Theorizing the Local Turn in Immigration Policy
Project Abstract: 
The objective of this project will be to host a conference on multi-level governmental responses to immigration in both Europe and North America, to be held at Cornell in October 2014. 'Multi-level' in this sense refers to the differentiated implementation of immigrant incorporation policies across levels of actors (national, regional and local) and across sets of actors (for instance, differentiation across regions or localities). This differentiation in policy implementation across levels and sets of political actors has both practical implications—for immigrants, as they decide if and how to become citizens, for instance—and theoretical implications – for how we think about democratic citizenship in immigrant-receiving nations. These differences are particularly visible in federal systems, in which many governance decisions devolve to regions or localities. The conference will bring together leading immigration scholars in Western European and North American federal systems, with the goal of a) initiating a larger research collaborative exploring the theoretical and practical issues of immigration and multi-level governance in federal systems, and b) publishing a special journal or edited volume highlighting participant's research.