Castillo, Debra : Small Grant, 2013-2014


Debra Castillo (Comparative Literature), Rafael Acosta Morales (Romance Studies), Gustavo Flores Macías (Government)

Project Title: 
Counterstories of Greater Mexico
Project Abstract: 
A conference will be organized with the goal of bringing together speakers with foreign policy and culture studies credentials in many different disciplines, to focus on the particular challenges of what many people in the south, and increasingly in U.S. academic circles as well, call “el gran México” or “Greater Mexico.” This term is meant to conjure up a geographical expanse that includes the post 1848 political nation of Mexico as well as the territories conquered by the US in the Mexican-American war, which have continued to serve as one of the most important population concentrations for Latino/a people in the United States. “Greater Mexico” offers a counternarrative to stories of nation coming from dominant political cultures on both sides of the political border, while it also enters into dialogue with border studies thinkers who have been theorizing the project of “Occupied Aztlan” since the 1960s. The two-day conference will feature a number of speakers with important international and interdisciplinary credentials alongside other speakers from Cornell and other universities.