Whitlow, Tom: 2012-2013 Small Grant


Tom Whitlow (Department of Plant Sciences)

Project Title: 
Enhancing Collaboration Between the University of Helsinki and Cornell University: Spring Workshop in Urban Ecology
Project Abstract: 
Urban ecology in the US and Europe has developed along somewhat different lines. In the US, emphasis has been on biogeochemistry and land use patterns while in Europe there has been more emphasis on air and water pollution, motivated by a desire to meet more stringent environmental quality standards. Accordingly there are opportunities for synergies arising from direct collaboration between US and European scientists. This grant will support a research and teaching workshop in Helsinki, Finland. This collaboration will result in a research project with 15 international students from the University of Helsinki’s Urban Master’s School. The project specifically addresses the role trees play in dispersing air pollution downwind of highways, measured both by direct measurement of airborne particulate concentrations and deposition of lead and other metallic elements to soil near the road.