Lawandow, Atoor: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
Near Eastern Studies
Project Title: 
Discourses of Affinity to Place in Eighteenth-century Adab
Project Abstract: 
In my dissertation, I look at the discourse of affinity to homeland, as a real or imagined place, in eighteenth and nineteenth-century Arabic texts. In chapter 1, I offer a philological sketch of the Arabic term "watan" (homeland) from its earliest uses to the nineteenth century. In chapters 2-4, I do a close reading of a single primary text each. My aim in these chapters is to explain the role of the Islamic sciences, the Arabic language, and imperial decentralization in the development of a discourse of affinity to homeland. In chapter 5, I conclude by positing a theory of patriotism based on these primary texts.