Allevato, Daniella: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Plant Biology
Project Title: 
Evolution of Phytochemical Diversity in Pilocarpus (Rutaceae) using a combined phylogenetic and environmental analysis
Project Abstract: 
An overharvesting of Pilocarpus microphyllus for the drug pilocarpine has led to near extinction. Alternative species and factors needed for increases in compound yields are beneficial. My main focus is to understand how adaptation to the environment shapes the evolution of phytochemical/genetic diversity of Pilocarpus (Rutaceae) populations. Aim 1: Intrageneric phylogenetic correlation: Determine if variation in phytochemical profiles is correlated with phylogeny Aim 2: Environmental within species gradients: Determine the relationship between phytochemical profiles, genetic diversity, and varying environmental conditions in transects of Pilocarpus native to Eastern Brazil to maximize the conservation of phytochemical diversity.