Lee, I-Zhuen: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
Asian Studies
Project Title: 
Diagnosing Gods: Kokugaku, Medicine and the form of early Edo period Yomihon
Project Abstract: 
My dissertation traces the rise of the Tokugawa genre of yomihon and its links to the movement of kokugaku. As a genre, yomihon is usually read as cross-cultural adaptions from Ming tales. This forecloses the possibility of reading the genre as an attempt to figure a language adequate to represent reality. My project attempts a critique of this understanding by bringing together yomihon works with other texts on medicine, object phenomenology, and nature to analyze the intertwining of this discursive structure of “yomihon as adaptation” with the discursive field of kokugaku. This trip to Tokyo is for the purpose of conducting the required textual research for my dissertation.