Lee, sooyon: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
History of Art and Visual Studies
Project Title: 
Internet Art Archive Research
Project Abstract: 
Internet Art Archive Research seeks to proceed in-depth study of archive collections on the development of Internet Art in Korea and China in 1990s as a part of preliminary research for doctoral dissertation.  The goal of the research trip is to collect primary sources from archives and artists from the field enough to historicize the evolution of Internet Art, to network interdisciplinary discourses.  Three specific activities during the research trip is suggested: 1) to assemble media-artwork materials from the archives of Asian Culture Center(ACC, Gwangju) and Arts Council Korea(ARKO, Seoul) 2) to intensively interview pioneered artists in the new media field 3) and to collaborate with the Meridian 180 Working Group, to explore the socio-political landscape of Internet Art.