Robinson, Ewan: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Development Sociology
Project Title: 
How inclusive are agricultural investments? The social dynamics of a Tanzanian Growth Corridor
Project Abstract: 
Development agencies, governments, and corporations are collaborating to invest in commercializing African agriculture, and to involve low-income farmers and agricultural workers. Yet linking African farmers with agribusiness entails conflicting interests and impacts for women/men and small/large farmers. This summer project builds on my ongoing dissertation research on Tanzania's SAGCOT Initiative, a flagship program for “inclusive investment” in Africa. During fieldwork in Summer 2016, I found that the SAGCOT Centre struggled to define and monitor the inclusivity of the broad range of private investments with which it works. This has posed problems for the Initiative's legitimacy. During Summer 2017, I will conduct in-depth case studies of 2-3 SAGCOT investments to observe how guidelines about inclusivity are being translated (or not) into daily practices on the ground, as well as how local farmers are responding. This will allow me to refine my research questions, develop qualitative and survey methods, and select final sites for year-long dissertation fieldwork in 2018-19.