Guetterman, Heather: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Human Ecology
Project Title: 
Targeting Vitamin B12 Deficiency at the Point-of-Care to Improve Maternal and Child Health in Southern India
Project Abstract: 
Vitamin B12 deficiency is a major public health problem, affecting individuals across the lifecycle including pregnant and young children. Health consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency include anemia, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and impairments in cognitive function, which may be irreversible. Early screening and identification of vitamin B12 deficiency at the point-of-care are urgently needed, particularly in resource-limited settings with the highest burden. We plan to pilot and validate a mobile diagnostic platform for assessment of vitamin B12 status, using archived blood samples from an ongoing perinatal cohort study in Bangalore, India (PI: Finkelstein). The proposed research will also inform the integration of this point-of-care platform and interventions to improve maternal and child health in Southern India.