New semester packed with international events

russian roundtable
A roundtable on Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltics in March 2017. Last year the Einaudi Center and its programs put on more than 280 lectures, workshops, conferences, roundtables, and other events.  

With everything from films and readings to workshops and debates, the Fall 2017 semester is full of opportunities to learn, think, and talk about the world. 

For a comprehensive (and constantly updated) list of events from the Einaudi Center and its programs, click here. Each program has its own events page as well. Just click on the program name below. 

Einaudi Center: Highlights include the Distinguished Speaker Series and the annual Bartels World Affairs Fellowship lecture. Keep an eye out for a new seminar series about faith, knowledge, justice, and peace in collaboration with Cornell United Religious Work. 

Comparative Muslim Societies Program: The CMSP seminar series includes talks on border walls, lost caliphates, and rare books. 

Cornell Institute for European Studies: Check back often for details on seminars, films, workshops, and colloquia on topics ranging from immigration to philosophy.

East Asia Program: EAP's offerings this semester run from the ancient (Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium) to the modern (Cornell Contemporary China Initiative).  

Institute for African Development: The IAD Thursday seminar focuses on the relationship between China and Africa. 

Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies: The weekly Thursday lunchtime seminar includes talks on ancient Rome, refugees, Russia, and nuclear disarmament. 

Latin American Studies Program: The Monday seminar series travels to Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Guatemala. 

South Asia Program: SAP has more than 20 events on tap this semester, including the annual Tagore Lecture by Sri Lankan novelist Shyam Selvadurai on September 8. 

Southeast Asia Program: SEAP's busy calendar kicks off with a national Southeast Asian language teaching conference on September 8, 9, and 10.