Faith, Hope, and Knowledge initiative

Faith, Hope and Knowledge: Interfaith Dialogues for Global Justice and Peace is a joint initiative of the Einaudi Center and Cornell United Religious Work. It has two goals:

  1. To reaffirm and extend Cornell’s longstanding commitment to inclusiveness, openness, and social justice in order to combat all acts of exclusion, divisiveness, and injustice internationally as well as nationally; and
  2. To create a space for administrators, faculty, staff, and students to explore together, thoughtfully and safely, the delicate relationship between our academic and religious or spiritual pursuits.

The hope is that in pursuing these goals we will be able to create conditions for us all to strive to become whole persons.

Faith, Hope, and Knowledge is generously supported by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs as part of its strategic priority to promote global-at-home learning. 

Steering committee

Hirokazu Miyazaki, professor of anthropology and director of the Einaudi Center; Jane-Marie Law, associate professor of religious studies; Matthew Evangelista, professor of government and director of the Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies; Heike Michelson, associate director for academic programming at the Einaudi Center; and Fr. Dan McMullin, director of Cornell United Religious Work and associate dean of students for spirituality and meaning making.