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Rally at Eiffel Tower

Whither France? Einaudi Center experts react to French elections

Four Einaudi-affiliated faculty look for lessons in the first-round victory of non-traditional candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. 

Andrei Kozyrev (via CNN)

Former foreign minister reflects on failure of post-Soviet Russia

Andrei Kozyrev, the first foreign minister of the Russian Federation, says his country is using its antagonism with the West to cover its own inability to meet its people's needs.

Lisel Hintz

Going to extremes: Ex-Einaudi Center postdoc on Erdogan's gamble

Lisel Hintz, now an assistant professor at Barnard College, and her student Melina Dunham reflect on the Turkish president's motivation in seeking to consolidate power. 

Flooded street in Panama

Historian shines light on climate refugees

Maria Cristina Garcia explores the legal and political implications of a coming wave of people displaced by floods, droughts, rising sea levels, and other climate-related phenomena. 

Cathy Caruth

Conference to focus on work of trauma scholar Cathy Caruth

"Listening to Trauma" on April 27-28 will include speakers from law, cinema, theology, philosophy, historiography, translation studies, and literature. It is cosponsored by the Einaudi Center. 

Hiro Miyazaki presenting at podium

Collaboration on display at Cornell Hong Kong conference

Director Hiro Miyazaki and several Einaudi Center faculty spoke at a one-day conference on collaborative initiatives promoting sustainability in Asia. 

Locksley Edmondson

Africana symposium honors Locksley Edmondson

The tribute on April 13-14 explored connections between Africa and the Caribbean and featured many of the retiring professor's former students. 

Sailor delivers Japan earthquake relief

Commentary: Cuts to international studies hurt US foreign policy

In the Chronicle of Higher Education, faculty fellow Tom Pepinsky argues that international and area studies are crucial for US leadership. 

Mobile money vendor in Uganda

Symposium to tackle social impact of mobile money

Hosted by Cornell’s Institute for African Development, “Mobile Money, Financial Inclusion, and Development in Africa” will take place on April 19, 21, and 22. 

Dean Barbara Knuth

Joint statement affirms support for DACA students

Three senior university officials spelled out policies on financial aid, admissions, and legal protection for students in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in a statement...

Bergmane and Pishchikova at roundtable

Video: Russia and its neighbors in the age of Trump

Kateryna Pishchikova (European Commission) and Una Bergmane (Einaudi Center) discuss Russia’s recent interactions with Ukraine and the Baltics, and speculate on President Putin’s global ambitions. 

Student on mountaintop with hammer

Travel grants take graduate students around the globe

Ninety-eight Cornell graduate and professional students will travel to 47 countries over the next year with support from the Einaudi Center's International Travel Grant Program.

Ronnie Coffman portrait

Audio: Ronnie Coffman on collaborations in sustainable agriculture

The director of international programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences joined a radio conversation prior to the Sustainability in Asia conference in Hong Kong. 

Student origins map

Cornell ranked fourth in U.S. for international students

In its survey, College Factual compared the quality of life for international students at 1,183 U.S. colleges and universities. 

Iceberg in Ilulissat, Greenland

Contested terrain: Historian probes Earth’s polar regions

Former Einaudi Center postdoc Dawn Berry studies international policies on what has recently become a very hot area.

Odette Lienau portrait

Odette Lienau on the changing nature of legitimacy

Law professor and International Faculty Fellow studies international market rules and the underlying norms and principles that govern market behavior. 

Abigail C. Cohn, professor of linguistics in the College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty projects get global-at-home curriculum grants

Ten faculty-led projects are receiving approximately $170,000 through the Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum (ICC) grant program.

Naoto Kan with soldier

Former Japanese PM speaks about leading country through disaster

Naoto Kan was prime minister during the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster of 2011. His March 28 talk was part of the Einaudi Center's Distinguished Speaker Series. 

Shanghai skyline

CICER brings Cornell China scholars together

Founded in 2015, the Cornell Institute for China Economic Research supports research on economic growth in China and its impact on the world economy.

Natalie Mahowald

Cornell scientist tapped to help draft UN climate report

Natalie Mahowald, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences, will be a lead author on the “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius” by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate...