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November 8 Hong Kong: Global China's Restive Frontier

Thousands stand under umbrellas in Hong Kong at public demonstrations
November 1, 2021

From shopping paradise to city of protests

The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative welcomes CK Lee, Professor, Sociology, UCLA speaking on

Hong Kong: Global China’s Restive Frontier 

How did Hong Kong transform itself from a “shoppers’ and capitalists’ paradise” into a “city of protests” at the frontline of an anti-China global backlash?

Hong Kong: Global China’s Restive Frontier 

More than an ideological conflict between a liberal capitalist democratizing city and its Communist authoritarian sovereign, the Hong Kong story, stunning and singular in its many peculiarities, also offers general lessons about a global force and its uneven consequences.

This talk will not be recorded.

November 8 at 4:45 p.m. ET

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In the Cornell Contemporary China Initiative’s seventh year, our guest speakers and host Allen Carlson critically examine, the question “What is China?”

This topic is explored in the series through utilizing an inter-disciplinary perspective and making use of both historical and contemporary lenses. In so doing it will touch upon some of the most pressing and significant political and social issues now facing “China” and the rest of the world.  In this context, particular attention will be paid to contested places, with special consideration of how they are placed within (or without) what is considered to be China. And will shed light on the impact such practices and processes have had on those living in these regions.

Hosted by Allen Carlson, CAPS Director, and Michael J. Zak, Chair, Cornell University

Co-sponsored by the East Asia Program and The Levinson China and Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPS) Program

The lecture series complements Professor Carlson’s course of the same name:

CAPS 3967 / ASIAN 3395 / GOVT 3967

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  • Democratic Threats and Resilience