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The South Asia Program (SAP) is an interdisciplinary hub for Cornell students, faculty, staff, community members, and academic visitors. The U.S. Department of Education has designated SAP as a National Resource Center for South Asia, one of just eight in the United States.   (Photo: Nipun Prabhakar)


This year's International Studies Summer Institute (ISSI) workshop for practicing and pre-service K–12 teachers will take place on the Cornell campus Tuesday June 28.

The video recording of "The Sea Forsaken," the 12th Annual Tagore Lecture in Modern Literature, by Tamil-Canadian poet Cheran on April 22, 2022 is now available.

SAP Faculty Member Has the Answers

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Einaudi Awards Fund Global Research and Activities

This Master's degree program in Asian Studies is designed for students who want more work in language and area studies before entering the professional, business, or academic fields.
A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree at Cornell University may achieve a minor in South Asian Studies by completing at least 18 units of course work.
Study Abroad Opportunity
The Nilgiris Field Learning Center (NFLC) is a unique partnership between the Indian NGO, Keystone Foundation, and Cornell University.
Study Abroad Opportunity
This two-semester course includes a January intersession study trip to India.

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