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The South Asia Program (SAP) is an interdisciplinary hub for Cornell students, faculty, staff, community members, and academic visitors. The U.S. Department of Education has designated SAP as a National Resource Center for South Asia, one of just eight in the United States.   (Photo: Nipun Prabhakar)


On April 14, 2023, Pakistani-British novelist Kamila Shamsie presented "History, Memory and the Fictions of 1988," including a reading from her latest novel, Best of Friends.
Join hosts Daniel Bass and Shavin Seneviratne for this biweekly podcast, which examines how art and culture can help us navigate the uncertain future.

9:00 am

Goldwin Smith Hall, G64

11:00 am

Uris Hall, Uris Hall Terrace

12:00 am

Carl A. Kroch Library, Kroch Asia Exhibition Space

Study Abroad Opportunity
Are you interested in the intersection of mental health and culture, global health, and community engagement? Do you want to gain field research skills and learn about indigenous communities in South India’s beautiful and fragile Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve?
This Master's degree program in Asian Studies is designed for students who want more work in language and area studies before entering the professional, business, or academic fields.
A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree at Cornell University may achieve a minor in South Asian Studies by completing at least 18 units of course work.
Study Abroad Opportunity
The Nilgiris Field Learning Center (NFLC) is a unique partnership between the Indian NGO, Keystone Foundation, and Cornell University. It aligns Cornell faculty and students with practitioners and community members in the Nilgiris, the “blue hills” of southern India.

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