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The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies promotes cultural and language learning that broadens students’ approach to their studies and the world. We work with learners at all levels—including K–12 teachers and faculty at community colleges and schools of education in our region.

Academic Opportunities

Migration Minor

African person walking in a field

Learn about our world on the move

Cornell in Cambodia

Students in front of Cambodian architecture

Study abroad in Cambodia with SEAP

IAD Internship

IAD intern teaching in Africa

Fieldwork in Africa for juniors and seniors 

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Outreach for Educators  

Our outreach activities receive Title VI funds from the U.S. Department of Education.

School children holding pots

Einaudi’s Culture Kits

Try our K–12 teaching materials from countries and cultures around the world. Textiles and artifacts, books, and videos enhance student learning.


Language Resource Center

Language Resource Center 

Find out about the full scope of language learning at Cornell with our campus partner, the Language Learning Resource Center.


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General Interest Publications

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