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The world’s population is on the move, and not necessarily by choice.
Zoe Barr during the summer of 2019, travelled to Ecuador to work on the Ecuadorian Amazon Reforestation Project for the Ministry of Agriculture and...

University of Zambia hosts book launch

Einaudi Center’s Rachel Riedl’s, From Pews to Politics: Religious Sermons and Political Participation in Africa, launched at the University of...
European studies minors Sophie Partington ’21 and Laura DeMassa ’21 conducted fieldwork in France at NGOs serving migrant and refugee populations.
The legacy of peace activist Randall Forsberg is accessible to a new generation of policymakers, activists, and scholars.
The set of six guidelines is intended to help faculty in their research, teaching, and engagement around the world.
Mary Kate Long and Jiwon Baik received fellowships that will them to Myanmar and China, respectively.
Even as a high school senior, Tony Zhou ’19 knew he wanted to pursue a path beyond borders. That’s why he applied to Cornell. 
Photographer and architect Nipun Prabhakar focused on photo essay Portrait of Nepal through its Doors, while at Cornell.
Lund Critical Debate explores the U.S.-Mexico border, a contact zone for migration and exchange.