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The last of the Contemporary China Initiative series for Fall '21

The CCCI welcomes Shelley Rigger of Davidson University to address this question.  There is a long-standing debate over whether Taiwan is part of...

Jenny Goldstein Quoted in Washington Post

In Malaysia, “the oil palm industry is basically an arm of the government,” Goldstein said.

by SEAP's Language Instructors

As featured in the Fall 2021 Bulletin, SEAP's Language Instructors reflect on a challenging year of virtual language instruction by responding to the...

Global Public Voices Fellows Cross Colleges and the World

With a focus on inequalities and social justice, this year’s fellows—including 16 Cornell faculty—will bring informed perspectives to the news.

Linda Shi Quoted in Medical News Today

Linda Shi is critical of the government’s lack of accountability. “Climate change is redrawing the landscape of areas suitable for human habitation,”...

Landon Schnabel in Scientific American

April 2021: Schnabel found that, paradoxically, religion protected mental health but endangered physical health. This pattern was present across...

PACS Announces Essay Prize

Prize for best essay that considers the impact of technology on prospects for peace or war and/or the ways in which conflict may shape technology.

Tao Leigh Goffe Quoted in Bloomberg

As Tao Leigh Goffe says, soul food is “adapted from high-calorie fuel rationed to enslaved people to eat in order to perform backbreaking labor.”

Thought Leadership for Global Publics

Einaudi's newest Global Public Voices fellows are working with Oxfam America and other partners to expand the reach of Cornell’s expertise.
Glynne Walley, translator of Kyokutei Bakin’s Eight Dogs, or “Hakkenden”: Part One—An Ill-Considered Jest, is co-winner of the Japan-U.S. Friendship...