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Mostafa Minawi talks about his first book, The Ottoman Scramble for Africa: Empire and Diplomacy in the Sahara and the Hijaz, on the Turkey Book Talk...

Allen Carlson, CMSP, EAP, SAP

“There is a danger that (Chinese President) Xi Jinping will see this period as one of especially pronounced American weakness and look to take...

Allen Carlson, EAP/CMSP/SAP

A conversation with Allen Carlson, director of Cornell’s China and Asia Pacific Studies program.

New Faculty Opportunity Promotes Public Engagement

This year's theme: global racial justice. (Applications closed September 25.)
The complex relationships and dynamics of influence in the development of global Islam and Asian history over 13 centuries are revealed in Islam and...
Allen Carlson, an Einaudi faculty member, writes: "Last week, China’s National People’s Congress set in motion new, restrictive legislation for...
Brita Lorentzen, '14, combined her interests in archaeology, geology, and ecology as an undergrad and graduate researcher in the Tree Ring...
The roundtable featured experts on immunology, history, health care policy, public health, and government.
Migrations: Researching, Teaching, and Building for a World on the Move launched with a panel discussion and migration exhibit tour at the museum.

‘Historian of water’ looks at Southeast Asia in podcast

A new episode of “What Makes Us Human?” podcast series, explores the critical role oceans play in Southeast Asia.