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Challenges to Democracy: Authoritarianism and Extremism in Europe and Beyond 

Apply by February 28!

Undergrads: Meet mentors working in the international arena, use your real-world skills and languages, and advance your career goals this summer.
"All politics—left and right—has to connect with deeply held cultural understandings—what I call thick culture—if there is to be any hope of viable...

Iraq: From the Inside Out

On Monday, two Iraqi scholars will speak about their work in Baghdad to restore the architecture and accompanying social history after the American...

Mabel Berezin, IES Director

Status figures in far right visits to Orban, says IES director Mabel Berezin.

Alexandra Cirone, IES

“This network will most likely be most successful in targeting far-right users, the same that left Facebook for ‘alternative’ social networks like Gab...

Seed Grant Applications Due Oct. 29

Einaudi's seed grants support faculty-led international research, activities, and events. Find out more.

Applications due Tuesday, Nov. 16

Applications due Tuesday, 11/16/2021, by 8:00pm EST.

Peter Katzenstein, Johan Skytte Prize Laureate

Oct. 1 at 11:30 a.m. ET: Tune in to Katzenstein's Skytte Prize lecture, “Thinking about Spaghetti—Served by German and Italian Waiters.”

New Directors Take Helm at LACS, IES, SEAP

New program directors Ernesto Bassi, Mabel Berezin, and Tom Pepinsky share their programs' plans for this academic year.