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Cornell Contemporary China Initiative's Fall Theme

The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative (CCCI) lecture series aims to expose the broad campus community to issues and scholarship of contemporary...

Allen Carlson, CMSP/EAP/SAP/SEAP

“In the end, one would hope that the Speaker has made her point and will be restrained in speaking directly about independence while in Taiwan… while...

Eli Friedman, EAP

The ideas of “giving up on fighting tooth and nail” for an increasingly elusive reward has grown in appeal for young Chinese citizens, says Eli...

Eli Friedman, EAP

“There’s a very tight labor market, so that puts workers in a position where they have both an accumulation of lots of grievances and they feel...

Panle Jia Barwick, EAP

Piece about “local protectionism” in China, mentions research by Panle Jia Barwick about priority given locally made cars to access express lanes.

Institute for K–12 Teachers Highlights Global Inequalities

Einaudi's regional programs hosted more than 30 teachers from across central New York for professional development on the Cornell campus. 

Magnus Fiskesjö Anthropology/EAP/SEAP/PACS

There is ongoing confusion about whether “genocide” or “cultural genocide” best describes what is happening in China’s Uyghur region today. Some say...

Allen Carlson, CMSP/EAP/SAP

Allen Carlson, director of Cornell University’s China and Asia-Pacific Studies program, comments on U.S.-China relations.

Einaudi Awards Fund Global Research and Activities

Einaudi awarded seed grants, student travel grants, and internships totaling $355,000. Congratulations to this year's recipients!

ICC Grants and Fulbright-Hays FRA

Get funding support for your international teaching and research. Letters of intent due in June! Find out how to apply.