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All event times are EST and held virtually. Please contact for accessibility arrangements in advance. CCCC=Cornell Classical Chinese...

EAP's Jack Zinda Works with Communities

Environmental sociologist examines how human decisions influence environmental outcomes in communities—from China to New York State.

Qi Wang, EAP

Qi Wang (EAP) reviews research about human memory.
Kun Huang, a PhD student in comparative literature studying anti-blackness in China, is part of the Einaudi Center's East Asia Program. EAP's Graduate...

The 2021 Kyoko Selden Memorial Translation Prize in Japanese Literature

Announcing the seventh annual competition for the Kyoko Selden Memorial Prize in Japanese Literature, Thought, and Society. 

How China’s imperial legacy underpins state racism and violence in Xinjiang

Due to incidents in Guangzhou, where Africans were evicted and forced to sleep on the street, many are realizing that Chinese racism exists.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

Jessica Chen Weiss (EAP) an associate professor at Cornell University, has noted that, “nationalists view their activities as helping the Chinese...

Andrew Campana, EAP

Andrew Campana, assistant professor of Asian studies, talks about how blind and low-vision player communities continue playing video games.

Allen Carlson CMSP, EAP, SAP

In this op-ed, professor of government Allen Carlson writes that the Tibetan leader's recent visit to the White House may have made Tibet more...

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

“It has never been more important to understand the domestic tensions and debates that seethe inside China, even as the worsening domestic and...