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Michael Hathaway and CCCI faculty host John Zinda

John Zinda speaks with Michael Hathaway about the transformative Matsutake mushroom trade in southwest China.

Insights from China's War on Smog

Anna L. Ahlers, Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, explores her research process and background air pollution in China.

Mindi Schneider in conversation with John Zinda

Mindi Schneider discusses her research titled The Pork Fix: African Swine Fever and the Opportunity of Crisis in China’s Pork Industry.

Skytte considered Nobel Prize for political science

The award honors Katzenstein's pioneering work in political economy, global security policy, and European politics.


Tong Yang-Tze Immortal at the River Chinese calligraphy exhibit being installed at the Johnson Museum.