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Cornell to Welcome Young African Leaders

The Einaudi Center and Brooks School will host 25 emerging African community leaders and entrepreneurs for a six-week Leadership Institute in June.

Town Hall on Feb. 2 at 6 p.m.

Join us to discuss global Blackness and the experience of being Black on campus – and finish out the night with refreshments and music.

Rebecca Nelson, LACS/IAD

Rebecca Nelson, professor in the School of Integrative Plant Science, says the company may struggle to introduce container-based sanitation to...

Sabrina Karim, PACS/IAD/SAP

“If you receive a present at Christmastime, a new toy, you want to be able to use it. Well, this is kind of the same thing for a number of...

Open now! Apply by March 1

Einaudi’s seed grants support the work of internationally engaged Cornell faculty, including research and events. Apply today!

Undergrads, Apply by Jan. 15

Apply now for 2023 global summer internships! These in-person experiences let you polish your real-world skills and advance your career goals.

David Ngam

With a commitment to youth empowerment and agricultural development, David Arnaud Ngam à Kibeng is championing growth and innovation for local...

Oumar Ba, Global Public Voices and IAD

Oumar Ba, assistant professor of government, says "the war in the AU’s host state of Ethiopia shows that, despite its broad mandate and the African...

Rachel Beatty Riedl and Oumar Ba

"All eyes are now on the 2024 presidential elections. The ruling coalition’s major setback casts new light on what could happen. The contest is...

20 partner universities in 11 locations

New initiative expands opportunities, provides infrastructure, and greases the wheels for faculty, alumni, and students across the university.