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New Faculty Opportunity Promotes Public Engagement

Faculty: Apply by September 25. This year's theme: global racial justice.

Destroying or Deploying the Deep State

This month's panel assessed key federal agencies in the Trump administration. Watch for our October event!
Peace and Conflict Studies Faculty Sarah Kreps says the two key factors driving improved numbers of contact tracing app downloads in Finland can be...
Democracy 20/20 webinar (August 27, 2020): Federal authorities responded to this summer’s protests with force. The protests, while spurred by recent...
PACS faculty Barry Strauss converses with Forbes on the debate around monuments and what can be done in the future.
In this Vice article, Jens David Ohlin (PACS) wonders if Steve Bannon will trade his insider, Trumpworld knowledge for a deal with federal...
“Trump may not care, but others in the party should tread carefully here,” says Jens David Ohlin (PACS).
PACS faculty Sarah Kreps gives her insights into Trump's TikTok deal and the US attempts to disentangle from Chinese tech.
“It will be difficult for state officials to stop them,” says Jens David Ohlin (PACS).
Protests against police violence and racial inequality have spread across the United States, attracting large crowds not only in major cities, but...