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The Police and the Public: Global Perspectives

UN police adviser Luís Carrilho and racial politics expert Christian Davenport discuss policing, political violence, and racial injustice.

Peter Katzenstein, PACS

The article notes Peter Katzenstein, professor of government, says that Trumpism is based on three pillars: nationalism, religion and race.
Cameron Mailhot, a doctoral candidate in government, has been awarded a Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowship from the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP)...

Sarah Kreps, PACS

The article features research by Douglas Kriner, professor in American Institutions, and Sarah Kreps, professor of government, finding that public...

Magnus Fiskesjö, EAP, SEAP, PACS

Magnus Fiskesjö, (EAP, SEAP, PACS) associate professor in anthropology, writes this opinion piece about the seizing of Swedish citizen Gui Minhai from...

Sarah Kreps Appointed John L. Wetherill Professor

Reppy Institute faculty Sarah Kreps is one of A&S's newest endowed professors.

Sarah Kreps, PACS

“In order for these apps to be effective, you need to have enough of a critical mass of people who are willing to download and use the app,” says...
Yuri Orlov was an internationally renowned physicist, human rights champion and Soviet-era dissident, and professor emeritus of physics (CAS).
What does cybersecurity mean when computer systems remain vulnerable to hacking? Rebecca Slayton, Director of the Reppy Institute, investigates.
Sarah Kreps and Doug Kriner, professors of government, found that different presentations of scientific uncertainty influence attitudes about policy...