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Funding Opportunities for Students

The Einaudi Center offered more than 30 in-person and virtual global summer internships for undergraduates, funded international research travel for 59 graduate students, and launched 15 Cornellians into Fulbright experiences in 2022. 

We offer many funding opportunities for undergraduates and graduates with deadlines throughout the academic year. Einaudi funding can help you engage with international cultures, understand people and places around the world, study foreign languages, travel for international research projects, or host a campus event with your student organization. 

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Discover Einaudi for Grad Students

At Einaudi you’ll find opportunities—opportunities to apply for research funding, connect with faculty and grad students, learn languages, attend events, and more. Discover the range of opportunities waiting for you at Einaudi.

Featured Opportunities

RAD Languages

Adeolu Ademoyo with a student learning Yoruba

Study the world's rare and distinctive languages

FLAS Fellowships

Tamil musicians leading parade in Hatton, Sri Lanka

Learn a language of South or Southeast Asia

Graduate Mentors

Laidlaw scholars attend a leadership retreat.

Mentor undergraduate Laidlaw scholars

Kun Huang: "Seize Every Opportunity"

Students We Support

All Funding Opportunities for Students

The intern will spend six weeks working with the local highland indigenous Penan community in the village of Bario to curate exhibitions at the
The Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) is offering a six-week internship supporting the research of the 2023 Cambodian Junior Fellows, and assisting the CKS Libr
As a major conduit of graduate support, EAP offers the following area studies fellowships to Cornell graduate students whose work has an East Asia focus:
Eligibility The language study grant is open to Cornell graduate and undergraduate students.
The Laidlaw Undergraduate Leadership and Research Program promotes ethical leadership and international research around the world—starting with the passionate leaders and learners fou
If you love languages, our newest summer funding opportunity is for you!
If you are a rising senior who is interested in doing field work in Latin America or the Caribbean for your undergraduate senior thesis, and have discussed it with your advisor, come
Global summer internships from Latin American and Caribbean Studies broaden your academic studies by giving you real-world experience and a chance to learn from and conduct research w
Studying Malaysia? Apply for funding now.
Conduct your international field research with a $10,000 award to support fieldwork expenses.