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Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar, J.S.D. ’18

David Cordero-Heredia is an Associate Professor of Law, currently visiting Cornell University as Visiting Fellow of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program. He has been a visiting professor at the Andean University Simón Bolívar (UASB).

Visiting Scholar ‘18-‘22

David Flaten is a LACS visiting scholar and History professor at Tompkins Cortland Community College. He is researching the opportunities to create a global history course centered around the Caribbean for students at our partner institution Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3).

Visiting Critic, 2021–22

Nicaraguan political cartoonist Pedro X.

Visiting Scholar ‘21-‘23

Annette is an Associate Professor at Ithaca College where she teaches courses on Latin American literature, theatre, and translation.

Former Visiting Scholars

 Soledad Chango

Visiting Scholar ’21-‘22

Soledad Chango portrait in red cloak

Soledad Chango taught Elementary Quechua I as she pursues graduate studies in pedagogy and linguistics, with support from a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant fellowship for 2021-22. Her native language is Kichwa, part of the Quechua language family spoken in Ecuador.

Fábio Zuker

Visiting Scholar ‘22

Fabio Zuker (Visiting Scholar)

Fábio Zuker is an anthropologist and journalist. Fábio holds a master's degree in Social Sciences from EHESS-Paris and is carrying out his doctorate in Social Anthropology at the University of São Paulo, with research on the destruction of life forms on the banks of the Tapajós River (Brazilian Amazon) and indigenous ways of doing politics and creating worlds.

Leonardo Aires de Castro

Leonardo Aires de Castro

Visiting Scholar ’19-‘20

Leonardo Aires de Castro is a PhD candidate in the Graduate Political Science Program (PPGPol) in the

Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil. He is researching the impacts of right wing populist ascension in the women legislative agenda, comparing Brazil and United States.

Beatriz de Moraes Vieira

Beatriz De Moraes Vieira

Visiting Scholar

Beatriz De Moraeis Vieira is Professor of History at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil. She works on Theory of History/Historiography, Intellectual History and Social History of Culture, and is currently researching the connections between history and literature/poetry, aesthetics and politics in contemporary Brazil and Latin America, painful historical experience and traumatic social memory.

Maria Rojo Jimenez

María Esperanza Rojo Jiménez

Visiting Scholar

Maria Esperanza Rojo Jimenez researches the cultural impact of the foreign oil companies in Colombia and Venezuela during the 20th century. She is doing her Ph.D. in the Latin American History Department at the University of Seville.

Susana Romero-Sánchez

Susana Romero-Sánchez

Visiting Scholar

Susana Romero-Sanchez researches the connection between the history of development policies and ideas in Latin American urbanization programs (including housing construction, credit, and planning schemes) in the mid-twentieth century.

Iulia Statica

Iulia Statica

Visiting Scholar

Iulia Statica’s research interests focus on the discourses of material culture in (post) communist contexts, and the role of ideologies and their critique in architecture and urbanism. She completed her PhD at the Department of Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and is currently in London, England on an European Union Marie Curie Fellowship.

Eduardo Vasconcelos

Eduardo Vasconcelos

Visiting Scholar

Eduardo Vasconcelos is an Engineer/Social Scientist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a specialist in urban transportation systems in developing countries.