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Undergraduate Funding Options for Latin America/Caribbean

  • Course extension travel stipends winter and summer courses--Open, contact Program Manager at 

  • Internships

  • Senior thesis winter or summer research--Open, contact Program Manager at

Graduate Funding Options for Latin America/Caribbean

Lourdes Benería Award* (LACS award for those graduate students (including those pursuing professional degrees) who are researching gender or planning in Latin America or the Caribbean; for in-country research costs excluding international airfare). For more information and a hardcopy application form, write to the Program Manager at
Application opening: November 1, 2021 (hardcopy application)  request it by writing to Subject line: "LBAward Applic Request"

Deadline: March 14, 2022      Decision by: April 1, 2022

Eligibility exceptions: Those graduating in Dec 2021 or May 2022; those who have not yet used their awarded SU'20 or SU'21 LBA grants.

Travel grants (Einaudi travel grants for airfare). Provides international airfare where Summer Research Grants and Lourdes Beneria Awards don't. Open: Nov 10th, 2021 Deadline: March 14, 2022

Summer research grants (LACS, for in-country research costs excluding international airfare), requires successful petition to Cornell to travel internationally. Opening: Nov 1, 2021 Deadline: March 14, 2022    Decision by: April 1, 2022.

Eligibility exceptions: Those graduating in Dec 2021 or May 2022; those who have not used SU'20 or SU'21 LAC summer graduate research grants

Conference Grants -- We are no longer offering Conference Grants at this time.

Guidelines for Using All Online LACS Funding Applications

These guidelines are meant to help you avoid user-caused issues with our funding apps.

Following these these basic guidelines will help ensure a successful online process:

  • Access the funding application from a PC desktop computer (not a mobile device/tablet or smart phone).

  • Use a Chrome or Firefox browser in the most current version available.
  • Read and carefully follow the instructions in the online application form.
  • Ask your faculty member recommender for permission before naming them.
  • Ensure that you enter your recommender's information correctly in the online application.

*The Lourdes Benería Award is currently using a manual application form. Please contact LACS for the application form. Note about using online forms: Sometimes technical problems happen due to poor internet connections; in these situations, it is best to wait and try again later when the connection seems stronger.

LACS offers conference grants up to $500 to fund travel to graduate students to present at conferences.

The Einaudi Center’s Global Public Voices advocacy initiative promotes Cornell faculty’s public engagement on campus, in national debates, and around the world.
The Lourdes Benería Award for summer field research helps fund students studying gender and planning in Latin America or the Caribbean.
LACS will offer up to three research grants to qualified graduate students who need to conduct field research over the summer of 2021. Amount Up to $1,500 each.
If you are a rising senior who is interested in doing field work in Latin America or the Caribbean for your undergraduate senior thesis, and have discussed it with your advisor, come
The Einaudi Center's faculty seed grant program advances international research and education at Cornell and supports international activities and events.
Develop your dissertation on global issues with a toolkit of resources.
Come talk to us about funding options for your summer internship in Ecuador.
Conduct your international field research with a $10,000 award to support fieldwork expenses.
Do you need to travel internationally for your short-term research or field work? The Einaudi Center sponsors academic travel for individual Cornell graduate and professional students. If you’re traveling between the United States and a host country for activities directly related to your dissertation or thesis research—or for other academic experiences in the international arena—Einaudi can help you get there.