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LASP offers a variety of courses that explore issues and topics pertaining to Latin America. Courses range from various fields of study including music, politics, economics, feminist studies, archaeology, theater, art history, language, literature, architecture, agriculture, science and literature.

Approved Courses for LASP Minor

Unlinked course numbers are not offered in Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021. 

Course Number Title Credits Semester Instructor(s)
ASRC 2212 Caribbean Worlds
Combined with: ENGL 2512, LSP 2212
3 FA Boyce Davies, C
ASRC 2308

Modern Caribbean History
Combined with: HIST 2541, LATA 2308

4 SP Byfield, J
ASRC 3010 Sweetness: How Sugar Built the Modern World
Combined with: LATA 3015
4 FA Aching, G
AMST 2630

Brazil to Brooklyn: Jewish Cultures of the Americas
Combined with: COML 2630, ENGL 2630, JWST 2630, RELST 2620


FA Branfman, J
ANTHR 3255 Ancient Mexico and Central America
Combined with: ANTHR 6255, ARKEO 3255, ARKEO 6255, LATA 3550, LATA 6255
4 SP Henderson, J
ANTHR 3256 Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
Combined with: ANTHR 7256, ARKEO 3256, ARKEO 7256
LATA 3256, LATA 7256
4 SP Henderson, J
ARTH 2550 Introduction to Art History: Latin American Art
Combined with: LATA 2050
4 SP Cohen-Aponte, A
ARTH 3565 Art & Architecture of Colonial Latin America
Combined with: LATA 3565, VISST 3565
4 SP Cohen-Aponte, A
ARTH 3566 Art and Architecture of the Pre-Columbian Americas
Combined with: ARKEO 3566, LATA 3566, LSP 3566, VISST 3566
4 FA Cohen-Aponte, A
ARTH 4155 Topics in Latin American Art
Combined with: ARTH 6155, LATA 4155, LATA 6155, VISST 4155, VISST 6155
4 SP Fernandez, M
ARTH 4160 Topics in Colonial Encounters
Combined with: ARTH 6160, LATA 4160, LATA 6160, VISST 4160
4 SP Cohen-Aponte, A
ARTH 4165 Visual Encounters in the Early Modern World
Combined with: VISST 4165
4 SP Cohen-Aponte, A
Lazzaro, C
COML 3010 Hispanic Theater Production
Combined with: LATA 3010, LSP 3010
1 to 3 SP Castillo, D
COML 3336 Border Environments
Combined with: COML 6336, LATA 3336, LATA 6336, LSP 3336, LSP 6336, SPAN 3335, SPAN 6335
4 SP

Banerjee, A Castillo, D

COML 4339 Bodies at the Border
Combined with: ASIAN 4440, FGSS 4339, LSP 4339
4 SP Banerjee, A
Castillo, D
EAS  7930 Andes-Himalaya Seminar 1 FA/SP Kay, S
ENGL 4565 Traffic: Drugs, Bodies, Books
Combined with: AMST 4565, LATA 4565, LSP 4565
4 FA Brady, M
GOVT 3293 Comparative Politics of Latin America
Combined with: DSOC 3290, LATA 3290
4 SP Roberts, K
HIST 1950 The Invention of the Americas
Combined with: LATA 1950
4 FA Bassi Arevalo, E
HIST 1951 Foreign Policy as Subversion
Combined with: AMST 1951, LATA 1951
4 SP Craib, R
Loos, T
HIST 1960 Modern Latin America
Combined with: LATA 1960
4 SP Craib, R
HIST 1970 Pirates, Slaves, and Revolutionaries: A History of the Caribbean from Columbus to Louverture
Combined with: ASRC 1790
4 SP Bassi Arevalo, E
HIST 2715 A Global South: Chile, the Pacific and the World
Combined with: HIST 6715, LATA 2715, SPAN 2715
4-5 SP Craib, R
HIST 3060 Modern Mexico: A Global History
Combined with: LATA 3060, LSP 3061
4 FA Craib, R
HIST 4041 Atlantic Commodities 4 SP Bassi Arevalo, E
HIST 4385 Building, Inhabiting, Destroying Urban Latin America
Combined with: HIST 6385, LATA 4385, LATA 6385
4 SP Romero-Sanchez, S
HIST 4590 Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution in Latin America
Combined with: HIST 6590, LATA 4590, LATA 6590, SPAN 4595
4 FA Craib, R
HIST 6131 A Greater Caribbean: New Approaches to Caribbean History
Combined with: ASRC 6131
4 SP Bassi Arevalo, E
HIST 6482 History/Geography/Theory
Combined with: LATA 6482
4 SP Craib, R
IARD 4010 Experience Latin America: Rural and Urban Realities I
Combined with: LATA 4010
2 SP Castillo, D
Hobbs, P
ILRIC 4367

Migration and Mobility: Theories and Lived Realities
Combined with: ILRIC 6367 

4 SP Ivory, T
LATA 4000 Contemporary Issues in Latin - Latino America
Combined with: LSP 4000, LATA 6000, LSP 6000
1 FA Castillo, D
VISST 4617 Seeing Corruption in Mexico
Combined with: SHUM 4617, LATA 4617
4 FA Perez-Leon, L
MUSIC 1320 Music of Latin America
Combined with: LATA 1320
3 FA Sierra, R
MUSIC 1321 Music of Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora
Combined with: LSP 1321, LATA 1321, AMST 1321, SPAN 1321
3 SP Madrid, A
MUSIC 3609 Brazilian Ensemble- Dexia Sambar
Combined with: LATA 3609
1 SP Pond, S
MUSIC 3613 Cornell Steel Band
Combined with: LATA 3613
1 FA/SP Miller, C
PORT 1210 Elementary Brazilian Portuguese I 4 FA Oliveira, J
PORT 1220 Elementary Brazilian Portuguese II 4 SP Oliveira, J
PORT 2010 Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers I 4 FA/SP Oliveira, J
PORT 2020 Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers* 4 FA/SP Oliveira, J
PORT 2800 Perspectives on Brazil
Combined with: LATA 2800
4 FA DeLemos, S
PORT 3100 Advanced Portuguese 4 FA De Lemos, S
PORT 3200 Advanced Portuguese II(No Description) 4 SP De Lemos, S
PORT 3480 Brazilian Culture Through its Music
Combined with: ASRC 3480, LATA 3480, MUSIC 3480
4 SP Pond, S
PORT 4660 Inventions of Brazil
Combined with: SPAN 4660
4 SP Staff


SHUM 4666/6666

Specters of Latin America
Combined with: LATA 4666/LATA6666 

4 SP Troconis, I
SOC 2650 Latinos in the United States
Combined with: AMST 2655, DSOC 2650, LSP 2010
3-4 SP Velez, H
SPAN 1120 Elementary Spanish: Review and Continuation 4 FA Bartol Martin, E
SPAN 1210 Elementary Spanish I 4 FA Bevia, T
Hughes, H
Li, C
Vazquez Rodriguez, H
Gannuscio, A
Cartaya, J
Lorca Fuentealba, P
Garcia Pinar, P
SPAN 1220 Elementary Spanish II 4 SP Godoy Luque, M
Stepp, R
Moore, K
Barrientos-Gomez, A
Hernandez Pachon, E
SPAN 1230 Continuing Spanish 4 FA/SP Carter, S
Barrientos-Gomez, A
Moore, K
Hernandez Pachon, E
Garcia Pinar, P
Bevia, M
SPAN 1501 Strategies for Spanish Abroad 1 FA/SP Shenk, T
SPAN 2000 Spanish for Heritage Speakers*
Combined with: LSP 2020
4 FA/SP Redmond, M
SPAN 2070 Intermediate Spanish for the Medical and Health Professions* 4 FA/SP Arias Fuentes, D
SPAN 2090 Intermediate Spanish I (Composition and Conversation) 4 FA/SP Mursi, E
Oviedo, M
Amigo-Silvestre, S
Vazquez Enriquez, E
Antezana Quiroga, S
Hendrickson, J
Diaz Klaassen, F
SPAN 2095 Intermediate Spanish II (Composition and Conversation)* 4 FA/SP Godoy Luque, M
Hung, C
SPAN 2130 Advanced Spoken Spanish 4 SP Bevia, T
SPAN 2140 Modern Spanish Survey 4 FA/SP Kozey, P
SPAN 2150 Contemporary Latin American Survey
Combined with: LATA 2150
4 FA/SP Rosario Ortiz, F
SPAN 2170 Early Modern Iberia Survey
Combined with: LATA 2170, MEDVL 2170
4 FA/SP Garces, M
SPAN 2180 Advanced Spanish Writing Workshop* 4 FA/SP Lawless, C
Broner Szychowski, M
SPAN 2200 Perspectives on Latin America
Combined with: LATA 2200
4 SP Colanzi, L
Paz-Soldan, E
SPAN 2205 Perspectives on Latin America in Spanish 4 SP Lawless, C
SPAN 2330 Latino Music in the US
Combined with: AMST 2320, LSP 2320, MUSIC 2320
3 SP Madrid, A
SPAN 3020 Spanish Foreign Language Across the Curriculum (FLAC) 1 FA/SP Quintanilla, N
Zarkin Notni, J
Pena, K
Delpino Marimon, P
Feliciano Cumbas, R
Martin, A
SPAN 3170 Creative Writing Workshop (in Spanish) 4 SP Colanzi, L
SPAN 3270 Shapes of the Past 4 SP Troconis Gonzalez, I
SPAN 3470 Nueva York: Caribbean Urbanisms
Combined with: AMST 3475, ASRC 3470, LATA 3470, LSP 3470
4 FA Staff
SPAN 3485 Cinematic Cities
Combined with: COML 3485, FREN 3485, ITAL 3485
4 FA Keller, P
Lawless, C
SPAN 3690 Animals, Monsters, and Cyborgs 4 SP Colanzi, L
SPAN 3800 Poetry and Poetics of the Americas
Combined with: AMST 3820, COML 3800, ENGL 3910, LATA 3800
4 SP Monroe, J
SPAN 3900 Latin American Film 4 SP Bosteels, B
SPAN 4630 Modern Andean Literature 4 FA Paz-Soldan, E
SPAN 4910 Latin American Literature and Mass Media
Combined with: LATA 4910
4 SP Paz-Soldan, E
SPAN 6940 Latin American 20th Century Novels 4 SP Paz-Soldan, E
QUECH 1210 TBD; These course credits count towards the 15 Elective credits needed for a LASP Minor but not for the language requirement. 3 FA TBD
QUECH 1220 TBD; These course credits count towards the 15 Elective credits needed for a LASP Minor but not for the language requirement. 3 SP TBD