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Saw Ralph and Naw Sheera; Stephanie Olinga-Shannon, ed; Martin Smith, intro.

Fifty Years in the Karen Revolution in Burma is about commitment to an ideal, individual survival and the universality of the human experience.

Southeast Asia Program

Tuong Vu and Sean Fear, eds.

Through the voices of senior officials, teachers, soldiers, journalists, and artists, The Republic of Vietnam, 1955–1975, presents us with an interpretation of "South Vietnam" as a…

Southeast Asia Program

Thushara Dibley and Michele Ford, eds.

Activists in Transition examines the relationship between social movements and democratization in Indonesia.

Southeast Asia Program

David Brenner

Rebel Politics analyzes the changing dynamics of the civil war in Myanmar, one of the most entrenched armed conflicts in the world.

Southeast Asia Program

Mary E. McCoy

Successful transitions to enduring democracy are both difficult and rare. In Scandal and Democracy, Mary E.

Southeast Asia Program