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International Relations Minor

World Flags on Display in UN Building

In the Einaudi Center’s international relations minor (IRM), you study the politics, economics, history, languages, and cultures of the world and gain a fresh perspective on your major field of study. The minor is open to all Cornell undergraduates and includes courses from across the university.

About the Minor

IRM is an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor—not a major or a department—open to students enrolled in any of Cornell’s undergraduate colleges. In addition to your regular degree courses, you have the flexibility to take a range of courses across colleges and departments.  

Your opportunities as an international relations minor extend beyond the Ithaca campus. If you study abroad for a semester or year, you can complete some of the minor’s requirements, including the language requirement.  

IRM graduates have gone on to higher education in disciplines such as political science and anthropology, as well as to successful careers in international law, economics, agriculture, trade, finance, journalism, public policy, and government service.

How to Apply 

Email IRM to enroll in the international relations minor.  

You can attend regular IRM office hours with the administrative coordinator on Mondays from 2:00–4:00 p.m. in 156 Uris Hall.  

Contact the administrative coordinator if you have further questions. Faculty director Christopher Way is an additional resource for international relations minors.  

Additional Information

Academic Type

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