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Presenting the IES 2022 Spring Speaker Series

Poster for the speaker series for IES
January 26, 2022

Challenges to Democracy: Authoritarianism and Extremism in Europe and Beyond 

By spring 1992, the Berlin Wall had fallen as had the old Soviet Union.  Optimism was in the European political air.  In that exuberant moment, Cornell faculty founded the Institute for European studies to analyze what everyone imagined would be a united and democratic Europe. 

Today, it is difficult to remember that moment.  Populism is embedded in the European political landscape and analysts speak of fascism and authoritarianism with the same fluidity as they spoke of democracy in the past.   We begin our 30th Anniversary year with three lectures focused upon contemporary challenges to European democracy.

Our three speakers will speak on political extremism, fascism and populism, and religious conflict and incorporation.  Their talks address these challenges on multiple levels and provide hopeful solutions for the future.  All three of our speakers are prominent academics and public intellectuals.  In the spirit of our 30th anniversary, all of our initial speakers began their Europe journey here at IES and Cornell as undergraduates or graduate students.  

Our talks will be held on February 3, February 15, and March 8, all from 12:00 to 1:15 pm EST and virtually on Zoom.

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  • Democratic Threats and Resilience