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Latin American Studies Minor

Cornell students teaching Nutrition Science lab in Magdalena, Colombia

LASP welcomes Cornell undergraduates and graduates in all fields of study who are interested in studying and conducting research in Latin America or the Caribbean to apply for the Latin American Studies minor. 

Undergraduate Minor

The undergraduate minor in Latin American Studies is earned by completing the following requirements:


Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese can be demonstrated in one of two ways: 

  1. By passing a Romance Studies Department language proficiency test (language proficiency tests are only available at the beginning of each semester, please plan accordingly)
  2. Successfully completing SPAN 2095 (or one Spanish course at a higher level if you placement tested out of 2095) or PORT 2010 or PORT 2020 language course (FLAC courses count towards the 15 elective credits below but not the minor's language requirement)

Elective Courses

In addition to the language requirement, minor candidates must complete a minimum of 15 credits in approved Latin American Studies elective courses (listed as LATA in the Cornell course catalog). Students must earn a B or higher in these courses. 

  1. Selected courses must represent at least two different departments. 
  2. Students must complete at least one advanced level course in Latin American studies (3000-4000 level).

If you would like to petition for a course or a study abroad semester to count towards the minor, please contact LASP or come into the office at 190 Uris Hall.


Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Latin American Studies is earned by completing the following requirements:

  1. Selecting a member of the graduate field in Latin American studies to serve on your special committee.

  2. Complying with the graduate school's Code of Legislation.
  3. Completing the graduate concentration application form. Contact LASP to obtain the form.

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