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Teaching of Indonesian (COTI) Summer Intensive Language Program

A roundabout in Salatiga, Indonesia.

This year's program will be held at the Language Training Center (LTC), Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. This immersion program focuses on advanced-level Indonesian language acquisition. The program consists of a structured academic program of:

  • Four hours of language instruction four mornings per week
  • Two to three hours of arts and cultural activities one afternoon per week
  • Weekly field trip
  • One weekend will feature a cultural or scenic excursion in Central Java outside Salatiga.

Instruction is given in small-individualized groups taught by in-country language teachers who have extensive experience teaching Indonesian as a foreign language. Topics for instruction are theme-based and include education, language and culture, history, literature, arts and performance, economics, political and social issues, environment and globalization. One topic is discussed each week.

Note: Although Advanced Indonesian Abroad is widely recognized as a formal academic program, participants do not receive academic credit for their participation. The program can provide a transcript for students who wish to request academic credit from their home campuses.

Graduate students, May graduates, undergraduates of junior or senior standing, faculty members, teachers in elementary and secondary schools and educational administrators are eligible to apply. All applicants should have achieved by June 2024 at least an intermediate level of proficiency in Indonesian, equivalent to the proficiency expected at the end of a fourth-semester or sixth-quarter course.

Application Deadline

Summer 2024 applications are due February 26, 2024.

Stay Connected for Updates

More details about the program are available on the Northern Illinois University website, and make sure you have subscribed to the SEAP listserv to receive the latest updates on deadlines for applications and funding deadlines.

Additional Information

Academic Type

  • Study Abroad Opportunity