Scheimreif, Kayla: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department of Natural Resources
Project Title: 
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Biodiversity in the Pamir Mountain Region: The Effects of a Changing Climate
Project Abstract: 
  I propose to investigate the transmission of traditional ecological knowledge and its relation to biodiversity in the Pamir Mountain region of Central Asia. Traditional ecological knowledge has been correlated with biodiversity in other regions, perhaps acting as an indicator of ecosystem health. In mountainous regions, climate change threatens not only the ecosystem but also the people who are part of it by undermining their ability to maintain food and health sovereignty. I will specifically investigate the knowledge of children and teenagers in relation to a changing landscape and the knowledge of adults. Without the interest of children and teenagers in traditional ecological knowledge, there will be no knowledge transmission. In order to maintain traditional ecological knowledge, we must understand how knowledge transmission occurs in the Pamir region and if it is changing.