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Each semester, we host a seminar series that brings academics from universities across the globe to the Ithaca campus. Our speakers provide new and engaging perspectives to the analysis of Muslim societies with knowledge that spans disciplines. Explore some of our past seminars to see who has helped enhance the conversation. 


CMSP Spring 2024 Seminar Series

Upcoming Events

3:00 pm

Biotechnology Building, G10

Free expression is a human right and cornerstone of a democratic society.

The U.S. Constitution enshrines the right to free expression, but not all those who reside within the country’s borders have equal protection. Some migrants to the U.S. are leaving situations where their rights were threatened, and…

12:15 pm

Uris Hall, G08

Talk by Dilip Menon (Department of International Relations, Director, Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, University of Witwatersrand)

This is a preliminary paper on the remarkable figure of Vakkom Mohd. Maulavi (1873-1932) of Travancore, on the south-western coast of India, through his writings in the…

12:30 pm

Uris Hall, 153

The Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) gives students multiple ways to engage with Southeast Asia. Affiliate with our program to be informed of all SEAP events and activities. Undergraduates who minor in Southeast Asian Studies are advised by SEAP Program Faculty advisors who collaborate with them to construct a course…

4:45 pm


The Fulbright U.S. Student Program supports U.S. citizens to study, conduct research in any field, or teach English in more than 150 countries. Students who wish to begin the program immediately after graduation are encouraged to start the process in their junior year. Recent graduates are welcome to apply through…

5:00 pm

Goldwin Smith Hall, 132

Shibley Telhami (University of Maryland) and Marc Lynch (George Washington University) will give a joint talk titled "Academic Freedom and Middle East Scholars after October 7" as part of Cornell University's Freedom of Expression theme this year.

Description: American college campuses have…

5:00 pm

Statler Hall, 165

Planning for study abroad? No matter how you identify or where you're studying, early planning is the key to a successful study abroad experience.

Join us for a facilitated discussion with fellow students about navigating your intersectional identities while studying abroad. A panel of returned study…

5:00 pm

Warren Hall, 401

Moustafa Bayoumi, journalist and professor of English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York shares his views on the rise of Islamophobia.

The talk is scheduled for 5 p.m. in 401 Warren Hall. Register here to watch the event on eCornell.

Bayoumi is the author of “How Does It Feel To Be a…

5:00 pm

A. D. White House, Guerlac Room

Associate Professor Aliyah Khan from the University of Michigan will give a talk titled "Diasporic Devotions: The Indo-Caribbean Islamic Qasida and Gendered Performance" on Thursday, March 21.

The Indo-Caribbean Islamic qasida is a diasporic devotional song that propagates Indian subcontinental…

9:00 am

Africana Studies and Research Center

This conference brings together scholars undertaking new research on questions of democratic resistance and sources of resilience in response to global evidence of democratic backsliding.

We will work together to analyze domestic and international factors, including institutions, civil society, political…

3:00 pm

Golden Smith Hall, 348

Talk by Ali Houissa, (Curator, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Cornell University Library)

Our CMS seminar today will be led by the curator of the Middle Eastern Collection in Olin Library, who will be hosting us to see precious objects in the library's collection about Islam. We have many world-…

5:00 pm

Biotechnology Building, G10

Sahar Aziz, Distinguished Professor of Law, Middle East Legal Studies Scholar and Chancellor’s Social justice Scholar at Rutgers University Law School shares her views on Islamophobia, antisemitism and Palestine.

Aziz is also the founding director of the Center for Security, Race and Rights. Her book “The…

5:00 pm

Warren Hall, 401

A series of lectures this spring will feature four visiting academics sharing their research related to antisemitism and Islamophobia.

The series, sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the College of Arts & Sciences, kicks off Feb. 12 with “Antisemitism, the Israel-Hamas War, and Distorting the Law…

5:00 pm

Biotechnology Building, G10

Derek Penslar, William Lee Frost Professor of Jewish History, Department of History at Harvard University shares his views on antisemitism.

The talk is scheduled for 5 p.m. in Room G10 of the Biotechnology Building. eCornell link coming soon.

Penslar’s research has engaged with a variety of approaches…

4:30 pm

Uris Hall, G08

Talk by Till Mostowlansky (Research Professor in Anthropology, Geneva Graduate Institute, Switzerland)

The establishment of Soviet rule in the southern parts of Central Asia bordering the British Empire has largely been researched through the lens of geopolitical competition. Virtually nothing is known about…

4:30 pm

White Hall, 106

The Ottoman Eichmann: Mustafa Reşat (Mimaroğlu) and The Technocracy of Genocide

Notorious SS officer Adolf Eichmann took the order he was given to send millions of Jews to death camps and applied it to the letter. Eichmann made sure that every single Jew reached the respective concentration and death camps.…

4:30 pm

Uris Hall, G08

Talk by Violeta Moreno-Lax (Professor of Law, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Barcelona)

This paper takes issue with the exclusionary understanding of solidarity underpinning the European Union (EU)’s response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Through a detailed examination of the…