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Each semester, we host a seminar series that brings academics from universities across the globe to the Ithaca campus. Our speakers provide new and engaging perspectives to the analysis of Muslim societies with knowledge that spans disciplines. Explore some of our past seminars to see who has helped enhance the conversation. 


CMSP Spring 2024 Seminar Series

Upcoming Events

4:30 pm

White Hall, 106

The Ottoman Eichmann: Mustafa Reşat (Mimaroğlu) and The Technocracy of Genocide

Notorious SS officer Adolf Eichmann took the order he was given to send millions of Jews to death camps and applied it to the letter. Eichmann made sure that every single Jew reached the respective concentration and death camps.…

4:30 pm

Biotechnology Building, G10

Governments engage in transnational repression when they reach across borders to silence dissidents living abroad. Tactics for transnational repression include assassinations, abductions, threats, and direct action against dissidents’ families and friends living within the repressive government’s territory.

12:15 pm

Uris Hall, G08

Talk by Kathryn Babayan (History, University of Michigan)

This talk spotlights a rant ascribed to a woman from the Bakhtiari tribal group of Lurs living in the vicinity of Isfahan in southwestern Iran. The letter is undated. It finds its way to Isfahan as a collector’s item recorded in several late…

4:30 pm

Uris Hall, G08

Talk by Violeta Moreno-Lax (Professor of Law, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Barcelona)

This paper takes issue with the exclusionary understanding of solidarity underpinning the European Union (EU)’s response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Through a detailed examination of the…